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The Devil's in It!

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The Devil's in It!

Apr 04, 2016

As the idiom goes, the devil is in the detail. But what is meant by this foreboding statement? The common conclusion is that anything worth being done is worth being done thoroughly. After all, detail sets you apart. Details can also be tedious and time consuming! If overlooked, they can cause big problems later on….if carefully mastered, details can offer big rewards!

Thinking about details, I am reminded about the very early days in my job in the Development Department of Lincoln Center Theater. On my second day of work, I was asked to create labels for a mailing to high level donors. I easily found the list left from my predecessor on my computer hard drive, and printed.

It did not occur to me to double check the list for any donors that had moved, gotten divorced, or regrettably passed away. I assumed the list was current, and thought I had done a fine job completing one of my initial tasks. However, much to my dismay, I learned soon after (and fortunately, prior to mailing) that several of the names on my list were no longer with us. If I had sent a solicitation letter to the families of these individuals that had previously donated large sums of money to the organization, it would have been an insult—and could have possibly jeopardized future funding. Yikes!

Now in my defense, there was really no way to have known that the list left for me was out of date. However, I did learn a very important lesson. Always double check the details! Get a colleague or a friend to look over your work. Even if you are an expert, another set of eyes can always be beneficial! This is also true for class papers, resumes, websites, or anything you are working on that showcases you as a professional who is industry ready.

SO, I also want to take a moment in this inaugural blog to remind all students planning to graduate with the ACM Minor in SS16 to please contact me to set up an advising appointment. I want to make sure that the detail of updating your degree navigator with your 40 hour experiential learning component is complete, so that you are cleared to graduate. A very important detail indeed! Please email me at odelldio@msu.edu to schedule an appointment prior to May 1, 2016. I would also love to hear your post-graduation plans!

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