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AL 468 Facilities and Operations for Arts and Cultural Management

Course Description

Address the complex skills involved in the management of both private and public arts and cultural venues. Understand and analyze the skills required for building operations, policies, vendor contracting, scheduling, maintenance, daily operations, event coordination, additional fundraising opportunities; and policies required for public safety and control. Internal and external relationships required for complex arts and cultural venues.


Nonprofits, nonprofit management, arts administration, arts and cultural management, arts and cultural administration, leadership, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovation, facilities, operations, nonprofit facilities, nonprofit operations, facility planning, foundational statements, visitor experience, market analysis, exhibitions, public programs, planning space, integrating space, planning amenities, universal design, accessibility, diversity, crowd management, front-of-house management, technology, conservation, risk management, environmental considerations, legal considerations, building design and construction, operations management, security management, evaluation, logistics, supply management, staff management, space management, waste management, financial management, facility strategies, planning documents, functional areas, building zones, support spaces, strategic planning, mission alignment, sustainability, nonprofit leadership, nonprofit fundraising, schedule management, project management, site selection, special events, event management, event, production, design and construction, building construction, exhibition development, day-to-day operations

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