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AL 464  Education and Outreach for Arts and Cultural Management

Course Description

Arts and cultural organization education and outreach. Understanding of K-12 school and community programs.


Nonprofits, nonprofit management, arts and cultural management, arts administration, leadership, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, innovation, arts and cultural education, arts and cultural outreach, education programs, outreach programs, nonprofit education programming, nonprofit outreach, education in the arts and cultural sector, outreach in the arts and cultural sector, outreach for arts and culture, outreach, education, human experience, community engagement, STEAM learning, STEM learning, arts and creativity, convergent thinking, divergent thinking, creating thinking, education technology, teaching artist, arts integration, public schools, education system, common core, test scores, standardized tests, movement, primary school, school organization, middle school, field trips, STEAM lesson plans, highs school, art classes, multiple intelligences, professional development

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