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Enrolling in Internships for Credit

Internships undertaken to satisfy the requirements for the Museum Studies minor or certification must follow an enrollment procedure as follows prior to beginning the internship.

1. Student meets with a prospective internship supervisor, and discusses and agrees on the nature and objectives of the work that will be done in the internship. It is the student’s responsibility to furnish the prospective museum sponsor/supervisor with the information about the expectations and requirements of MSU MSP internships as well as to negotiate the specific content of the internship experience with the prospective supervisor.

2. Student and the supervisor of his/her internship complete and sign the MSU MSP internship contract.

3. Student sends (via email with scanned attachment) the completed and signed form to MSU MSP Internship Coordinator (evjendav@msu.edu).

4. The MSU MSP Internship Coordinator signs and forwards the contract to the MSU MSP Advisor who will enroll the student in the course.

MSU MSP Internship Contract Form (pdf)
MSU MSP Internship Evaluation Form (pdf)